Google Blacklisting

We know that thousands of websites get blacklisted by Google and other major search engines like yahoo, bing etc. As a website owner we would never want our website to be blacklisted. Whenever Google finds any malicious activity in the website it blacklists the website to alert the web users. When major search engine bots crawls the website, it will scan all the URLs, scripts, contents and every bit of information found in the webpage source which you allow them to scan. If it finds any malicious script, web-forgery, spam contents, spam and malicious URLs in the webpage source the website will be blacklisted.

We see websites which do not have any malicious activities getting blacklisted by Google. If Google finds malicious links in your website, even your website will be considered a threat to web-users. It is better to remove the link if it’s affecting the site than to lose the website rating from Google. There have been instances were websites have been blacklisted for web forgery and phishing attacks. So it is better to always follow Google's quality guidelines. The major search engines may also refer other online website security scanners to check for malicious websites and in turn blacklist them. Since we all look at Google as a major search engine for business, it’s important to work towards removing websites from Google's blacklist. To check if the website is blacklisted access the following URL and enter the website name. If the results say “Site is listed as suspicious” as shown in the image below, which means entire or part of the website has been blacklisted for malware activity.

Antivirus Blacklisting

The system's antivirus software blacklists the website if they find the site is performing malicious activities (like a website downloading virus onto the system without user's knowledge). Once a particular antivirus software flags the site as malicious, the same website will be blocked by that antivirus anytime you access in any part of the world. If you have faced such an issue with your website, then your website may be blacklisted by the antivirus.

Test website Functionality        

We test the site functionality, plugin, themes and templates for any known vulnerability.

Manual and Log based Site Analysis

Our web security specialists will manually check website logs to find the exact vulnerability for malware intrusion.

Trace hack Source & Block Malware Intrusion

Once we get the source for the hack, we validate the site and fix the vulnerable part of the website.

Google and Spam Blacklist Removal

If the website is clean, we submit the website to Google webmaster and spam blacklist to verify.

Major Search Engine blacklist Removal

We submit the site to other major search engines like yahoo, bing etc if they have blacklisted the website.

Third Party Blacklist Removal

We submit the website to any Third Party Blacklist Removal which includes yandex, sophos, mcafee, stopbadware, phistank etc.

We will remove the website from blacklist!

All the services provided under 'MONITORING & BLACKLIST REMOVAL' are provided under malware fixing services too. However, we do provide MONITORING & BLACKLIST removal help to any customer at a very affordable price. The 'MONITORING & BLACKLIST REMOVAL' services include scanning the website for malwares, checking if the website is clean, and submitting the website to Google and other search engines which have blacklisted the website. Time frame for the backlist removal depends on the respective search engines and it varies. We submit the site to any Third Party Blacklist Removal which includes yandex, sophos, mcafee, stopbadware, phistank etc. If the website is blacklisted by the any antivirus providing companies, we contact antivirus support and request them to remove the website from blacklist.


Whenever we access a hacked or malware victimized website it either redirects user to malicious website or downloads the malicious software onto the user's system. Then the hacker would gain control over the invaded system executing the malicious software.
If the online scan result for your domain shows any positive malicious results then it is best to perform a malware clean on the website. We can clean your website and make sure your website is secure and back online.
Yes, we save a cleaned backup of the website for 15 days after the website clean and provide it to the customer on request for free.
If you have purchased malware clean service the blacklist removal is covered. This includes Google blacklisting, other search engine blacklisting and antivirus blacklisting removal.
The SEO spam and Pharma hack is designed by hackers to get Google hits for the spam contents. They even use Google webmaster tool to spam the website. To fix this issue the spam contents will be removed from the website and database. Then we submit the website to Google verification and remove spam URLS associated to the website.

What do we do

The vital part of this service is, we test the site functionality, plugin, themes and templates for any known vulnerability. We will report to you the results so that we can harden your website, implement strict validations and make your website more robust against online threats. Also, we perform manual and log based analysis to see if there was any malware intrusion. However, if the site has any malware we will suggest you purchase malware cleaning service and along with it we will perform all the above mentioned services.

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