We provide malware detection, vulnerability detection, malware clean-up services, blacklist removal, site hardening, and many more inestimable services that shields your website from any legitimate cyber crime.

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A lineup of experienced web security analysts that excels at tracing and fixing all types of malware issues with our well groomed experts and well equipped malware scanners.

Sometimes epiphany knocks on your door and you open to it. We came up with the idea of providing online security with one goal in mind - provide affordable and advanced and effective website security services to all web users. By doing this, we intend to make internet a safer place. There have been a lot of cyber crimes off late. Be it, the Nigerian scams. Be it the three major eBay scams or the 2006 BMW M Roadster and coupe scam. The list can go on and on. Cleaning and fixing hacked websites have been a part of our lives for years now. On a lighter nerve, It could be the badass that races your heart in movies. But it's the good guy who comes around and saves your life that's considered to be worthwhile.

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After all these years of experience, we were able to design our work strategy to be more effective, with more inputs and intelligence given to our scanners. We are continuously improvising our scanners, and updating every type of new malware patterns found. Our research team is working to nab a never before seen malware, counter new online threats, and not miss out on anything that looks 'Phishy'.

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